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Satellite image of Deca Wakeboard Park in Davao City

Deca Wakeboard Park Davao

May 15, 2014

The first cable waterpark I’ve featured here on Vista Pinas is the famous Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur. But if you want your fix of watersports but don’t have the means to go to Bicol, there are actually several other cable waterparks elsewhere in the country. One of them... (read more)

Satellite image of Felix Y. Manalo's birthplace marker in Taguig, Metro Manila

Felix Y. Manalo’s Birthplace

May 10, 2014

As you may know, 2014 is the centennial anniversary year of Iglesia ni Cristo or INC, the largest religious denomination founded in the Philippines and one of the most politically influential groups in the country. Today, May 10, is the 128th birthday of the founder of Iglesia ni Cristo, Ka... (read more)

Satellite image of the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge in downtown Chicago, IL

Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge in Chicago

May 6, 2014

Today is May 6 and it is the 72nd anniversary of the Fall of Corregidor when the Japanese conquered the island fortress of Corregidor. This Japanese victory cemented their conquest over Asia and the Pacific. To commemorate this day, I’ve decided to feature the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge in Chicago, Illinois. ... (read more)

Satellite image of Miniloc Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan

Miniloc Island Resort

May 2, 2014

This year’s summer is turning out to be quite hot and I am sure many of us wish we could go to a secluded beach resort like Miniloc Island Resort (official website) to refresh and relax. This high-end resort is part of the world-class El Nido Resorts which is operated... (read more)

Satellite image of the main compound of the U.S. Embassy in Ermita, Manila

Embassy of the United States in Manila

April 29, 2014

To mark the 2-day historic state visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the Philippines this week, let’s now visit the Embassy of the United States in Manila (official website, Wikipedia). The embassy’s main Chancery Compound is located at address 1021 Roxas Boulevard in Ermita, Manila near Rizal Park, and... (read more)

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