About Vista Pinas

Vista Pinas features Philippine-related sights and locations as seen from satellite and aerial imagery provided by Google Maps, Microsoft’s Bing Maps, and Nokia’s Here service. See the Philippines as you’ve never seen it before!

I am your host, Eugene Alvin Villar, a Filipino interested in Web technology and maps.

In the press

“It’s the next best thing to a visit from abroad or armchair travel with a book.” —SLM, “Traveling the Philippines via Google”, Philippine Explorer, Inquirer.net Global Nation

Questions that Might be Frequently Asked but Answered Now

Q: Wasn’t this website called “Tanawing Pinoy”?
A: Yes. But when it was part of the (now defunct) Bayanihan Blog Network, we’ve re-branded the website to appeal to an international audience.

Q: Is Vista Pinas inspired by Google Sightseeing ?
A: Yes.

Q: So why not submit the sights here on Google Sightseeing?
A: We could, but given the huge popularity of that site, thus long queue of submissions, it’s doubtful that many Filipino submissions will be featured there anytime soon.

Q: Can you find <insert location here> for me?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to help you find what you’re looking for. Fortunately, other people might already have pinpointed what you want. Head on over to Wikimapia and search away!