2 Rednaxela Terrace

Satellite image of the approximate location of 2 Rednaxela Terrace in Central district, Hong Kong

Rednaxela Terrace street sign and the historical marker

To finish off my series on Philippine-related sites in Hong Kong, let’s visit 2 Rednaxela Terrace which is located in the Mid-Levels part of Central District on Hong Kong Island. This address is historically significant because this was where José Rizal and his family lived from 1891 to 1892. His family was persecuted by the friars back in the Philippines due to Rizal’s subversive novels and so they joined Rizal on his self-exile in this former British colony. Rizal would also hold clinic at what is now 1 D’Aguilar Avenue. See also a photo of his HK business card.

Just like the two previous locations I’ve blogged, this site has a marker installed by Hong Kong’s Antiquities and Monuments Office. However, unlike the marker on D’Aguilar Street, the Rednaxela marker is quite visible and is located in a high-traffic area, specifically beside the Shelley Street portion of Hong Kong’s famous Central–Mid-levels escalators, which is the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system. As you can see from the photo I took, the marker is plainly seen erected beside the Rednaxela Terrace sign. (What’s “Rednaxela”? It’s “Alexander” spelled backwards supposedly due to a Chinese painter who couldn’t read English.)

Close-up of the marker at Rednaxela Terrace

Shown above is a more close-up photo of the marker. It reads (in English and Chinese):

Dr. Jose Rizal (1861-1896) National hero of the Philippines lived in this area with his family from December 1891 to June 1892

This concludes up my Hong Kong series here in Vista Pinas. I must say that researching about and finding these markers in Hong Kong was very educational. The Rizal-related markers are quite timely too since we will be celebrating Rizal’s sesquicentennial birthday this year!

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  1. Islandvacations wrote on May 12, 2011 @ 10:29AM

    Yes, being an avid Rizalista, I’ve read about this place in many of Rizal’s writings. Thanks for the post. I will be visiting Hongkong as part of my island vacations escapades and will see the sites you had featured. Congratulations for this great blog!

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