A José Rizal @150 Tribute

As a belated tribute to the 150th birthday of our National Hero, José Rizal, let’s look back at the five Rizal-related sites that I have featured here in Vista Pinas throughout the years. Surprisingly, all but one are found overseas. Then again, this should not be a surprise. Since I also feature Philippine-related sites on foreign soil, there should be a higher proportion of Rizal-related overseas sites since Rizal’s travels around the world have left an indelible mark in the places he has visited.

I will definitely feature more Rizaliana sites here in Vista Pinas. Hopefully, Google will add satellite imagery of Dapitan, which is possibly the second-most important Rizal-related place in the Philippines after Manila. There are also Rizaliana markers in Daet and Dumaguete, so I expect to feature them as well in due time.

So without further ado, here are the five Rizal sites I’ve featured before in chronological order.

Dr. José Rizal Park in Seattle, WA

The first Rizal-related site I ever featured is a public park named after him in Seattle, Washington. Although Rizal had never set foot in Seattle, the sizable Filipino community in the city successfully petititioned to have the new park dedicated to Rizal.

[Posted: June 17, 2006]

Rizal Shrine (Calamba, Laguna)

The next site I featured was Rizal’s childhood home in Calamba, Laguna. Now this residence functions as a museum to Rizal and is one of the Rizaliana sites included in the Department of Tourism’s Lakbay José Rizal @150 project.

[Posted: July 24, 2007]

José-Rizal-Straße in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany

One of the foreign cities Rizal stayed the longest was Wilhelmsfeld, Germany. In honor of him, a street in this small town was named after him. There’s a park in his honor also found in this town but that will be the subject of a future article.

[Posted: June 20, 2009]

1 D’Aguilar Street

Did you know that Rizal practiced medicine while he was in Hong Kong? If you read the article I posted a few months back, then you surely would have known. This site was one of the places I had on my list of things to see when I went to Hong Kong earlier this year.

[Posted: March 14, 2011]

2 Rednaxela Terrace

This residential street in Hong Kong was also another place on my HK list. This street was where Rizal and his family stayed for a while because of harassment from the Spanish authorities back home.

[Posted: March 18, 2011]

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  1. Nonoy wrote on June 23, 2011 @ 02:25AM

    I’ve learned from Tutubi of Backpacking Philippines that there are 27 Rizal sites in the Philippines. Hope you can feature that all here. I hope too that Dapitan will be found in Google map.

    I like this site.

  2. Ram wrote on September 15, 2011 @ 03:37AM

    When I was in Tokyo, I saw a bust of Doc Rizal with accompanying marker (in Nihongo writing) in a park (which also I don’t know its name). What’s the history behind in Japan?

  3. Eugene wrote on October 16, 2011 @ 07:56AM

    @Nonoy, only if these sites have hi-res satellite imagery in Google.

    @Ram, ah, you must be talking about Hibiya Park. Well, Rizal did go through Japan during his travels and so the bust was placed there in honor of the hero’s visit and as a sign of a healthy Philippine-Japan relations.

  4. Dee wrote on October 19, 2012 @ 03:11PM

    laguna indeed is very rich not obly in culture but tourism as well. calirayasprings.com

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