Albay Park and Wildlife

Satellite image of Albay Parks and Wildlife in Legazpi City.

Nestled between Lignon Hill and the Legazpi Airport in Albay is the Albay Park and Wildlife. This is Legazpi City’s only zoo and, according to it’s official webpage, is home to more than 400 birds, mammals, and reptiles. Some specific animals are the Philippine Hawk Eagle, bleeding-heart pigeons, brown boobies, ringneck pheasants, iguanas, reticulated pythons, crocodiles, Philippine warty pigs, the Philippine Deer, a tiger, and red squirrels.

Photo of the ostriches and their spectators at the Albay Park and Wildlife. Photo from Albay’s tourism website.

Aside from the birds and the bees, the park is also a vast picnic area with lots of cottages and groves. It has a large lagoon, where you can have small boat rides and has a gazebo at the center, and there is a sprawling children’s playground with a giant dinosaur.

Albay Park and Wildlife is open daily (except Mondays) from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The entrance fee is at a very cheap 20 pesos (10 for small children). Interested to see more pictures? Check out this thread at SkyscraperCity or the photo gallery from the Albay tourism website.

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November 22, 2007
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