Balintawak Cloverleaf

Satellite image of the Balintawak Cloverleaf in Quezon City

As far as I am aware, the Balintawak Cloverleaf in Quezon City is the only cloverleaf interchange found in the Philippines. This type of interchange is named such because the loop roads resemble a four-leaf clover when viewed from above or on maps. And you can see this form quite clearly from the satellite image, albeit the cloverleaf seems a bit squished.

The advantage of the cloverleaf interchange is that it eliminates the need for traffic lights at the intersection of two major roads, in Balintawak’s case, between EDSA and the North Luzon Expressway. Unfortunately, cloverleaf interchanges occupy too much land making them not ideal for cramped places, and this type of interchange is quite prone to weaving problems, where cars leaving and entering one road weave in each others paths, though the problem is not as problematic as in a rotunda interchange. These problems made cloverleaf interchanges unpopular in the latter half of the 20th century and more modern interchange designs were employed.

The Wikipedia article on road interchanges would be a good start if you want to learn more about these things.

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March 16, 2009
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    when i was reading it…i feel scared…in tagalog nakakatakot super…..

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