Barasoain Church

Satellite image of Barasoain Church in Malolos City, Bulacan

Last week, Google updated their satellite image data in Google Earth (see my main blog post) and now that the update finally arrived in Google Maps sometime in the past few days, we can now see the poblacion of Malolos City in high-resolution goodness and this means that Barasoain Church is now visible!

This update is quite timely because on September 15, 1898 (today is the 110th anniversary), Barasoain Church entered the annals of Philippine History when the Malolos Congress of the First Philippine Republic convened in the church for the first time. Among the important legislation the congress enacted during its short existence is the formality of the Philippine Declaration of Independence, the Malolos Constitution, and the declaration of war against the United States, which led to the costly Philippine-American War. In honor of its historicity, the Barasoain Church is depicted on the reverse side of the 10-peso bill.

Facade of the Barasoain Church with some floats Photo by Shubert Ciencia (CC)

Before this update by Google, you could not see Barasoain Church clearly in Google Maps or Google Earth. In fact, Microsoft’s Live Maps and Yahoo! Maps has the advantage over Google in this part of the Philippines for having GeoEye satellite imagery that covered Malolos, something I blogged about late last year. Now Google has finally caught up.

As always, check out the Wikipedia article on the church for more pictures and information.

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September 15, 2008
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