Batangas Country Club

Satellite image of Batangas Country Club in Batangas City

The Batangas Country Club was the venue of the team-building outing my company’s team participated in last year. According to a sign at the front gate, the Club styles itself as an international-class resort. Well, I personally don’t think the resort is that classy but there were foreign guests there during the time that we stayed. (Hopefully those guests weren’t scandalized too much during one team-building activity we conducted that had us scrambling all over the resort. Hehehe.)

Photo of the pool area of Batangas Country Club Photo from the BCC website.

The resort is located in Batangas City and is land-locked (so there’s no beach). The route going there is actually quite small and you’d probably get lost finding it unless you have a guide. Anyway, the resort has most of the amenities you’re looking for in a resort. It’s got nice and spacious air-conditioned cabins, gym equipment, function and conference rooms, various entertainment facilities like a KTV room and billiards tables, and of course a swimming pool. The highlight of the irregularly-shaped pool is a wooden suspension bridge (partially visible in the photo) spanning the main part of the pool. The resort advertises that they have broadband Internet available, but I couldn’t get to make it work with the netbook that I brought with me. (Yes, this is supposed to be a “vacation” of sorts, but I’m a certified Internet addict! )

Go visit the offficial website of the Batangas Country Club to learn more. The rates are pretty affordable!

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February 11, 2009
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