Boracay Mansion

Satellite image of President Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s alleged Boracay Mansion in New Manila, Quezon City.

More than six years after President Joseph “Erap” Estrada was forced out from office, his plunder trial was finally concluded in June at the Sandiganbayan. The court should release a decision within 90 days or until mid-September.

Among the evidences the prosecutors point as proof of Erap’s wrongdoing is the infamous Boracay Mansion located at 100 11th St., New Manila, Quezon City, supposedly bought by Erap as a gift for Laarni Enriquez, an actress and one of Erap’s numerous mistresses. The 7,400 m², 142-million-peso palatial residence, one of five alleged mansions of Erap, was supposedly bought from proceeds from jueteng, an illegal numbers gambling game that preys on the poor sectors of Philippine society. Boracay mansion is so named because the mansion’s swimming pool is surrounded by fine white sand reminiscent of the beaches of Boracay. In the satellite image thumbnail, the swimming pool is the white area at the lower part while the mansion is the trapezoidal building at the upper part of the image.

While it was documented that Laarni Enriquez did live in the Boracay Mansion, proving that Erap owned the residence and bought it using illegal money is something the prosecutors and defense attorneys in Erap’s case had been fighting over. The title of the house, bought from the Madrigal family, is named under St. Peter Holdings, of which Jose Luis “Sel” Yulo, a close drinking buddy of Erap, is the chairman and majority shareholder. St. Peter Holdings had its primary office the same as the address of the De Borja, Medialdea, Bello, Guevarra, Serapio & Gerodias law firm. Edward S. Serapio, one of the partners of the law firm, is the personal lawyer of the former president. This, among other evidences, point to Erap’s usage of cronies and front companies to hide the fact that he owns these mansions, prosecutors in Erap’s trial claim. (For more information, see this excellent piece, “Estrada’s Fronts: Cronies and Attorneys” by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, who was instrumental in gathering data against the former president.)

What became of the Boracay Mansion now? Apparently it’s now heavily dilapidated, according to this piece from PROBE, aired in March this year.

Update. The video was already taken down.

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August 8, 2007
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