Cagsawa Ruins

Satellite view image of the Cagsawa Ruins park in Daraga, Albay.

In Daraga, Albay is the famous Cagsawa Ruins, probably the most photographed location in Albay. On February 1, 1814, Mayon Volcano erupted and buried the town of Cagsawa in lava flows. About 1,200 people perished and many of them sought refuge in the town’s church, thinking they would be saved. Now all that remains is the church’s bell tower, the area around which is now developed into a popular tourist spot.

Anyway, on Google Maps, the bell tower is the “tree” with the longest shadow. Well, there are actually plants and shrubs growing on top of the tower (as can be seen from these ground-level photos) so it does look like a tree from up above. And yes, there’s a swimming resort to the east as well as souvenir shops to the southeast.

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Posted on
June 23, 2006
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BicolandiaLandmarks / Monuments
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  1. Bill wrote on December 29, 2006 @ 06:00PM

    On Dec. 26, 2006, I went to the Cagsawa ruins and walked the half or so kilometer from the highway. The old road leading to the tourist attraction has been covered with a thick layer of black sandy material. Makeshift stepping boards have been put up to allow visitors to cross shallow water flowing from Mayon, with the occasional red and rust-colored grime.

    The Cagsawa church, or what remains of it, is intact, untouched by the recent mud- and lavaflows. From the highway, however, the mounds of lavaflow between the church the the highway creates an illusion that only the tip of the belfry is what remains of the church. Not true.

    Be prepared to be assailed by stink if you decide to walk the short distance to the ruins; all kinds of buried carcasses and detritus must be responsible for the foul smell.

  2. kathangisip wrote on June 25, 2009 @ 02:54AM

    Eto ba yung nakalubog na church, tapos yung bell tower na lang ang kita?

  3. jay-ar naga nacional wrote on July 30, 2009 @ 09:16AM

    cagsawa ruins napakagandang lugar pumunta kami dyan ng pinakamamahal kung gf RIYA NIMO MARAVILLO pumasok kami sa loob nung bell tower maganda sya and nilibot namin yong cagsawa ruins,unang punta ko dun nung nag show na live yong wowowee..

  4. JoTan wrote on November 24, 2010 @ 10:00PM

    I wish to go back to see the full view of Mt. Mayon

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