Cloud 9 Tower

Satellite image of the Cloud 9 Tower and boardwalk in General Luna, Surigao del Norte

As you may all know, Siargao Island is considered as the surfing capital of the Philippines, with plenty of surfing events and competitions being held on the east coast such as the prestigious Siargao International Surfing Cup. (Indonesian Putra Hermawan recently won the 2013 Men’s Open Division at the said tournament.) What you may not know is that the town of General Luna is where the best surfing spots are and among those spots, Cloud 9 is the best-known.

The Cloud 9 Tower and the access boardwalk as seen from the shore. © Surfing The Nations (CC)

Because Cloud 9 is one of the best surfing spots in Siargao, the local surfing community constructed the Cloud 9 Tower, a large 2-storey wooden hut where spectators can view the surfers. This is also the default spot for judges to stay during competitions. In addition, the boardwalk going to the Tower enables surfers to reach the surfing area without having to paddle or wade through the reefs near the shore. The Cloud 9 spot is such a popular place for surfers that people jokingly call it “Crowd 9”.

One of the excellent sites I’ve found is Surf-Forecast which tries to predict optimal surfing conditions for various known surf sites around the world. If you check out their page on Cloud 9, you get detailed reports on tide times, wind speed and directions, and wave height estimates.

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November 9, 2013
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