Satellite image of Dawahon Island in Bato, Leyte

Located in the southeastern part of the Visayan Sea, between Bohol and Leyte, is the really fascinating island of Dawahon. This island is actually a barangay of Bato, Leyte and it is the only barangay of the town outside the Leyte mainland. Along with the nearby island of Hingotanan in Bohol, Dawahon is home to a thriving seaweed industry and these two islands together produce about a third of total output of seaweed in the Philippines. Seaweed cultivation is actually quite lucrative that fishing is a far second industry in terms of livelihood for the residents of Dawahon.

Dawahon is home to 2,672 people (2007 census) and estimating from Google Maps, the island seems to have an area of around 5 hectares giving a rough population density of 53,000 people per square kilometer. That’s comparable to the City of Manila! The community on Dawahon is quite large enough that there are actually two sitios: Fatima in the western part and Santo Niño in the east.

If you want to see beautiful pictures of Dawahon and learn more about the island, then the blog of a guy named Farl is the definitive place to go. Check out his Dawahon chronicles: there is a part one and a part two.

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January 17, 2010
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