Erap’s Tanay Rest House

Satellite image of the resthouse of President Joseph Estrada in Tanay, Rizal.

Continuing our coverage on former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, let me now turn your attention over to Erap’s rest house in Tanay, Rizal, 70 km east of Manila. Erap was to have been detained at the neighboring Camp Capinpin of the Philippine Army (due north) during his plunder trial at the Sandiganbayan, but instead he was allowed to be put under “house arrest” at his rest house next door. Erap has been staying there since October 2003.

So what the heck can you find at Erap’s Tanay property? Well, calling it simply a rest house is not quite accurate. If you check out the satellite image in Google Maps, you can see a lot of buildings and other structures in the compound. In the middle of the property is a man-made pond and somewhere is the Erap Museum, which houses Erap’s memorabilia from when he was an actor up to his impeachment trial days. Erap has owned this property since 1969 and apparently he designed it himself. When he dies, Erap wants to be buried in this property. (There’s a marble tomb already prepared.)

I would’ve loved to see a lot of photos of the rest house so I could correlate the structures with the satellite image in Google Maps, but unfortunately, there’s really no nice available resources online. Mr. Akira Liwanag, though, has a nice photo-blog entry about his trip to Erap’s rest house late last year, if you want to learn more. As an exercise, try to spot in Google Maps the location depicted by this picture by Mr. Liwanag. Found it quite easy, didn’t you?

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August 10, 2007
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  1. Rico wrote on August 15, 2007 @ 12:18PM

    So where did he get the money to build such a lavish place? Did he take out big loans or something, guaranteed by his own money?

  2. Eugene wrote on August 15, 2007 @ 04:05PM

    Rico, well, he did own the property since 1969 and land in them mountains were probably really, really cheap back then (maybe 50c per square meter?). And he was a successful actor.

  3. Rico wrote on August 20, 2007 @ 04:24AM


  4. Miguel wrote on September 11, 2007 @ 01:10PM

    I’d like to know how you found this location on the map!

  5. Eugene wrote on September 11, 2007 @ 01:45PM

    Migs, ah, I have my not-so-secret sources. I already have a plan to for an article explaining how I get my locations. Wait for that.

  6. jasmine wrote on September 13, 2007 @ 06:18AM

    really everybody knows where he got the money to have this place. that is why there are so many poor people in the philippines because of people like erap!

  7. m_y wrote on September 13, 2007 @ 06:12PM

    Do you know who these “everybody” you are referring to? What does your whatever “everybody knows where he got the money” have anything to do with why there are so many poor people in the Philippines? And where exactly did Erap get his money from to have this property that you claim everybody knows about?

    As Eugene said, Erap owned the property since 1969. The property back then was still cheap and he had the means to buy the property and develop it over the years since 1969, as he was a very successful actor. Does your “everybody” know about those facts?

    Careful with projections, Jasmine.


  8. Vic wrote on February 13, 2008 @ 12:38AM

    We got our Property, which is very near Erap’s for Php 2.00 per square meter in 1983. So an estimate of 50 Centavos per SQM in 1969 is fairly correct.

  9. joy wrote on May 9, 2008 @ 07:41PM

    I inherited a 3-hectare property in Tanay. We are not rich, for your info,we never got involved in politics, nor have we worked for the government. My mother bought it few years ago at less than a hundred pesos per sqm. Now, I’m selling it at P250/sqm. For those interested to buy.write to
    People are really quick on making judgements. Do not blame the rich for others’ misfortunes. Blame it on the government (for lack of education of the poor);the parents(because they did not believe in family planning), and of course….because some people are just lazy to work.

  10. informer wrote on October 9, 2008 @ 06:58PM

    hi guys…
    just so you’ll get to see the real “issue”…JE Farm, as the rest house is called is now open to can go there and visit it, just bring along some snacks and Php150.00, as of this writing, so you can get a tour inside the farm and you can also swim in its pool…See yah!

  11. astina wrote on November 29, 2008 @ 02:13AM

    Good day guys. Today, we had our field trip in JE Camp at Tanay Rizal (so tired but trying my best to type). I am a 3rd year high school student. The place is really good. Just that, it’s really a long way. We’re from Las Pinas and it took us like, 3 hours t0 get there. And the way, really made me and my classmates dizzy. It’s zigzag and everything. But I guess the long trip was worth it. We had fun there. Seeing ostrich, wild pigs, eagles and horses. And also, we went swimming. The pool is realy huge, huge enough to accomodate us, approximately 250 students. There was a playground, museum, ranch and you know, nice places where you can really enjoy the scenery. We were with our Korean students and honestly, they were fascinated by what they saw there. We also had a film showing regarding his life. And what “really” happened behind his impeachment. We’re still young so we didn’t really care about corruption, plunder and stuffs. Also, we were kinda scared by his tomb. It was made in advance so I guess his family doesn’t have to bother for it anymore. Weird. And there were golf carts which were used as servces. The drivers were really kind, he would drive us wherever we wanted to go. And he would even act as our photographer. Not to mention, the people in Tanay were very hospitable. Everytime our bus would pass by them, they’d wave and smile at us. As if we’re very much appreciated. So in general, I’m sure not only me, but all of the third year students enjoyed the experience. Let’s not mind where he got the money to buy it. What’s important is that it showcases the natural beauty of the Philippines, which is nowadays, very rare. If you have the time and budget, go visit it. Yo won’t regret. Thanks for reading this reply written by a fourteen year old girl.

  12. Aj wrote on March 14, 2009 @ 06:19AM

    Hi There!

    I am very much disappointed to those people who are being judgmental and skeptic. My mom and Dad live in Tanay for so long and they witnessed the kindhearted Erap Estrada who never forgets to help other people. Year 1990’s till 1998, you will notice how old the Rest house is, Roof paint was getting faded and some buildings look so old. Those properties can attest the hardship that he had been through before he finally modernized the said Rest house. I got inspired by the way he accepts other people’s criticism and simply leave the palace for the sake of peace. Indeed his Rest house is now a breathtaking paradise that is open to all for a very cheap price.

    Trivia: Pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y totoo, totoy Bato and many more movies and telenovela’s shooting location was there Eraps’ Rest House.

    “ Outer Beauty is one of the best asset you can showcase for them to admire you, but nothing more than Inner beauty, the goodness of the heart can captivate everyone’s heart”

  13. June wrote on August 31, 2009 @ 10:39AM

    Punyeta k erap! lakas ng loob mong humabol pra tuloy pgnanakaw mo gago!

  14. Leon Gubat wrote on July 31, 2010 @ 07:41PM

    Hahahaha, the comment before this only shows that misinformation will really make or break a person. I have known a lot of people who really have a close and personal encounter with ERAP and all of them have one thing in common to say, “Hats off to a man who knows the real meaning of kindness and humility”. Some of them are PSG assigned to him before. Guess what, they never treated them as his bodyguard but rather as friends and as people with feelings. Others are just common people whom he opened his residence and swimming pool long before it even became a tourist destination. On the other hand I know a lot of people who hated ERAP and said bad things about him. When I asked them if they met him close and personal, guess what, the answer is a sounding NO. When I asked them what made them think that he is not good, either they shrugged their shoulders and keep silent OR point to the news, tsismis and haka-haka as introduced to them by other people whom have no encounter also with ERAP. Haaaayyy, buhay nga naman. If you believe what you believe, BAHALA KA NA SA BUHAY MO, MATANDA KA NA, ALAM MO NA SIGURO GINAGAWA MO. If you change the way you believe then you will change how you see things because the only change you need is YOU.

  15. marc wrote on March 25, 2011 @ 10:53PM

    march 17-18 ,2011 we had our camping there. the rooms are ok . it has 2 swimming pools. and it was a beutiful place. i am a grade 5 student and the grades 4,5,and 6 of st. martin montessori school had a camping has a playground too. it has a little zoo,too.

  16. Bernalyn cortero wrote on April 25, 2011 @ 11:41PM

    It is true that this property was acquired by Erap when he was still an actor. And it was a camping site since then. But was closed when he convicted. And people in tanay particularly Sampaloc loves Erap because he never forget his people. Every xmas he gave atleast 2kls of rice and some delata. I heard he gave again last week as bday gift for his people and he personally gave it.

  17. yc wrote on May 2, 2012 @ 02:53PM

    I love this place its very nature.Family outing w/ some friends dated 4/30 to 5/1/12.Tanay people are very hospitable and friendly ,even we stopped just asking for the place ¨sobra bait nila¨(suggestion lang just add additional directional signages).JE camp personnel are very kind too.
    More power Erap!!

  18. leira wrote on June 14, 2012 @ 12:14AM

    pls send me details kung cnu po and pwede namin kontakin for an occular visit for 65 pax students. we want to visit ur good place….

    i.spots travel services

  19. rboynald wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 11:24AM

    we went camping there as part of our “boy scout” back in 83’ when i was in 1st year HS. It was a nice place, though I can now no longer recall the looks of the place. but one thing i can say is that I think the younger people here are way out of line if they’re saying that erap used public funds to put up the place. when we went there back in 83’ it was already a beautiful camp back then, and that was way way before even became a senator or president. erap was still making kaboodles of money from his acting career.

  20. rebecca orceo wrote on April 4, 2018 @ 04:33PM

    Sa lahat ng humuhusga. I check mo muna ang sarili mo kung ikaw ay malinis at walang ginawang kasalanan. Bago ka mag pinpoint ng tao na nagnakaw. Alalahanin mo na bata pa ako si Erap ay artista na at sikat na sikat na siya noon pa. Hindi ko siya ipinagtatanggol. Ang sa akin ay nakita ko ang hirap na dinanas niya sa pag aartista. Alam naman natin na ang kita ng artista ay malaki at pwedeng makapundar ng anumang ari-arian kung siya ay mahusay na mag ipon. Sa aking pananaw napakahusay niyang mag impok ng pera para sa kinabukasan niya at sa kanyang pamilya. At wag kang magmumura o magsasalita ng hindi maganda sa kapwa mo. Dahil wala kang karapatan na magsalita ng hindi maganda sa kapwa mo. Sana bago ka magbitaw ng masamang salita isipin mo muna kung ito ba ay maganda sa iyong pandinig o hindi. Kaya sorry ka na lang kasi mayaman na siya simulat simula pa. At hindi siya mahirap dahil nag aral siya sa isang napakagandang school noon pa mang bata pa siya kaya pigil dila sa mga pananalita.

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