Guyam Island

Satellite image of Guyam Island of General Luna, Siargao, Surigao del Norte

I haven’t featured Surigao del Norte yet here in Vista Pinas so let’s go to Siargao and see the tiny island of Guyam! (Guyam Island is spelled as Guyang Island in some online databases.) Try to imagine the typical tropical deserted island having a small grove of coconut trees and where shipwrecked people usually get stranded on. Well, Guyam Island looks like one. I’m guessing that it is precisely Guyam’s cliché tropical island image that is the reason why it was featured on the cover of the 8th Edition of the Lonely Planet Philippines travel book.

This uninhabited islet, about 150 meters in diameter, is not really an island one can get stranded on because it is located merely 2 kilometers from the main island of Siargao, facing the town poblacion of General Luna. And it is around 10 minutes away by pump boat. I’ve even read that you can supposedly swim or walk to the island during low tide and that it is definitely reachable by just kayaking.

View of Guyam Island from the sea Photo by Richard Parker. (CC)

Guyam Island is surrounded by nice white sand (some say it’s powdery while another account says grainy) and it’s a nice place to have a daytime picnic (there are huts there), to go snorkeling, or simply to bum on the beach. The island also supposedly offers a nice view of the raging surfing waves that Siargao is best known for.

Despite being tiny, this small island has quite a lot of charm for the island lovers, and one blogger has even declared Guyam Island as one of his most favorite islands in the Philippines.

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June 24, 2010
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