HILAGA Philippines (Paskuhan Village) and Ligligan Parul

Satellite image of Hilaga Philippines (formerly Paskuhan Village) in San Fernando City, Pampanga

Merry Christmas everyone! To celebrate this wonderful season—Vista Pinas style, let’s go to the acknowledged Christmas Capital of the Philippines, San Fernando City in Pampanga. At the San Fernando Exit of the North Luzon Expressway, across from the previously featured SM City Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills Pampanga is the former Paskuhan Village, now the HILAGA Philippines. This part of San Fernando got high-resolution imagery this year and so we can finally feature this sight.

This tourist attraction features a star-shaped Plenary Hall which symbolizes the world-class lantern-making industry of San Fernando. The site underwent a rehabilitation in 2003 under the Department of Tourism and was redubbed the HILAGA Philippines, a mini-Nayong Pilipino focusing on northern Luzon. According to this Philippine Tourism Authority webpage, the site features, among others, the Kappianan na Cagayan Valley Hall and the Gran Cordillera Abong Hall. Other amenities include an amphitheater, a swimming pool, and a rock-climbing facility.

Finally, the Ligligan Parul is the famous Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando. This year marks the 100th anniversary of lantern-making in this city, which is said to have been started by Francisco Estanislao in 1908. The competition among nine barangays happened last December 20 at Robinsons Starmills and last year’s champion, Barangay Telabastagan, won again this year. I’m not sure if they’ll be displaying the giant lanterns at Paskuhan Village like they did last year, but here’s a video from 2006 showing how very pretty these lanterns are. (You can also view other videos on YouTube if you want.)

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December 26, 2008
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  3. Mike wrote on March 31, 2009 @ 12:54PM

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  4. pau-pau wrote on April 7, 2009 @ 06:14AM

    good day!

    I have been wondering if there is a place that everyday is christmas. I heard that my parents told me it was a nice,exciting and very inspiring place.I’ve been excited to enter the place as they describe it to me.

    While heading home we passed by the City of Pampanga.That then my parents remembered this place that they told us.It was called PASKUHAN VILLAGE.As for me I got really excited about what is really inside.But when we were paying the twenty pesos entrance fee, I was curious about what kind of place that was, it was so quiet(except for the occassion happening there).

    I saw the stores, it was close.So I thought it was close because it there was an occassion that is a bout to happen.

    But when we got inside the garden.It really caught my attention.It was not the Paskuahan village my parents was describing to me.It just made me felt very disappointed! The place was a DISASTER!

    Who ever was assign to maitain the place didn’t maintain it CLEAN and WELL ORGANIZE!And maintain its place as it was years ago.

    Going inside that place was a ridiculous thing.Take note, “entering the place let me realized that Christmas was all about drinking beer and having karaoke “.

    Sana man lang po kahit may nagiinuman at nagkakaraoke na-inspire ako sa place un.Kaya lang po HINDI po eh.sana kung maganda po yung Garden, maayos yung bridge, may animals sa cages, open ang stores na nagpapakita na “Its Christmas in our place”. Kaya lang po hinde po eh.Madumi na nga po yung lugar may nagiinuman pa.Anong klaseng lugar po ba yun??.Hindi niyo na po na maintain.

    Sayanag lang po yung pinangbayad naming twenty pesos entrance fee.Kasi po pinagod niyo lng kami na maglakad na walang makitang maganda at kamangha-manghang lugar.dapat hindi na PASKUHAN VILLAGE ang tawag dun.‘Cause It was an AWFUL place I had ever saw!.Hindi ko man lang po naramdaman ang PASKO sa lugar ninyong iyon.Kumulo lang po ang dugo ko, after and presently seeing the place that they..you call PASKUHAN VILLAGE.

    Sana magbalik sa date ang lugar na iyon.Pagpasok palang may piniplay na christmas songs,open ang magagandang stores na may iba’t-ibang decorations of parol at walang nag-iinuman at nag kakaraoke.


  5. pau-pau wrote on September 1, 2009 @ 06:41AM



  6. Barbie wrote on May 21, 2010 @ 12:05AM

    To criticize is ok …………….
    If and Only if, you know the real story behind it.Dont just criticize, know the points – and help resolve the problem.

  7. editha boquida wrote on June 10, 2010 @ 12:58PM

    gud am, our grade one pupils will have their lakbay aral in hilga on July 14,22,23, 27 & 29.I just want to know if the entrance is still Php 10.00 and if there is an existing exhibit in HILAGA on these dates. Thank you and good day!

  8. sheylosa wrote on April 21, 2012 @ 10:40PM

    dati, maganda ung place na ito.. i remember during my early days, sobrang ganda nito, prang pumunta ka ng ibang bansa. tapos kumukuha pa kami nun nung mga white stones remebrance. and before that place was so lively. dun nga halos ginaganap ung giant lantern festival eh. pero ngayon, it was very different.
    sobrang dumi na nung place. prang ghost town na xa..
    sana i develop ulit ung place..
    and yes i agree dun sa sinabi nung isa na ilessen ung mga inuman xe ang dating prang bar na xa..
    i hope sa management ng paskuhan na idevelop nila un.. ang laki ng place and ang ganda pa nun kung maayos ulit xa. im sure nun madami ung pupunta dun.. un lang.. no offense.. comment lang un..

  9. Paulo Alvarado wrote on January 24, 2016 @ 01:21AM

    Hi, I’m an Architecture student, I was reading the comments and made me feel sad. When I was a kid, we used to go there, school activities, and some family pasyalan. It was good and fun, you can feel the chrsitmas season. I am in my thesis research and I was thinkin if I can use this Paskuhan Village, i want to renovate and redesign it to revive the lost spirit of the North. If you have some stories or suggestions please kindly tell me, it would help a lot. i am a filipino and I am proud that we had such a great place like this. Sana ay maibalik natin yung dating kagandahan ng Pampanga, cheers.

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