Hundred Islands

Satellite image of the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan.

The Hundred Islands National Park, located in Alaminos City, is Pangasinan’s foremost tourist destination. There are actually 123 islands dotting this stretch of the historic Lingayen Gulf (and the number increases to 124 at low tide, so the story goes [could this be the proverbial 7,108th island of the Philippines?]).

The islands can be grouped into three: the large southern mainland group, the middle group, and the small northern group. According to the usual byline, three of the islands have been developed for tourist use (i.e., has buildings): Governor’s Island and Children’s Island in the middle group, and Quezon Island in the northern group. Surprisingly, you don’t get to the islands from the mainland at the southern end; you take boat rides from the jumping-off point at Barangay Lucap to the southwest.

You can learn more about the Islands from the Official Website of Alaminos City. Be sure to check out their map of the Hundred Islands. As always, there’s the Wikipedia article.

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March 5, 2006
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