Kapuntukan (Sleeping Lion) Hill

Satellite image of Kapuntukan Hill in Legazpi City

Located on the southern portion of Legazpi City and protruding out to sea is the imposing Kapuntukan Hill, which is fondly called by residents as the Sleeping Lion Hill because its shape looks like a sleeping lion (well a bit of imagination helps). If you want to take a picture of Mayon Volcano and downtown Legazpi City in one panoramic shot, then Kapuntukan Hill is the place to be, as evidenced by this nice photo on Flickr and this one. You might also want to visit Lignon Hill, which I’ve featured almost two years ago.

Seaside photo of the Kapuntukan Hill Photo by Storm Crypt (CC)

Standing at the foot of Kapuntukan Hill to the north and northeast is Embarcadero, one of the newest attractions in this picturesque city. Embarcadero is a high-end retail and commercial center and some portion of the sea has been reclaimed at the northern edge of Kapuntukan Hill where IT buildings will be put up. As such, Kapuntukan Hill provides a nice backdrop to this fledgling development. (At this moment, the old satellite imagery in Google Maps only shows the former run down state of the Embarcadero site)

If you want to learn more about Kapuntukan, then this article at the WOW Legazpi website contains lots more information and nice pictures.

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August 30, 2009
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