Laperal White House

Satellite image of the Laperal House in Baguio City

Happy Halloween! And to celebrate this occasion, here’s the Laperal white house in Baguio City located along Leonard Wood Road very near the Teacher’s Camp. This is one of the more famous “haunted” houses in Baguio since it is easily accessible from downtown. Among the other famous haunted places in the City of Pines are the nearby White Hall in Teacher’s Camp, the Diplomat Hotel to the southwest of the downtown area, and the section of Loakan Road between the two Philippine-American cemeteries where a white lady supposedly appears to motorists late at night.

This white house was the ancestral home of one of Baguio’s oldest clans, the Laperals. This family also owned the Arlegui Mansion near “Malacañang Palace” before it was seized by President Marcos to become his extension residence. Anyway, the white house in Baguio was built in the 1920s and showcases a nice mixture of pre-war American and Spanish architectures. There’s plenty of stories surrounding the house and its old inhabitants to try to explain the supposedly paranormal experiences people have encountered there. That didn’t deter tycoon Lucio Tan from buying the house in 2007 and making it a guest house according to a comment on this picture.

I remember one time years ago during a Christmas vacation to Baguio (consisting of four families, including ours) where during a night road excursion, a bunch of the kids (not including me) passed by Leonard Wood road. They stopped near the mansion and some of the kids dared Tommy, who’s afraid of ghosts, to lower his window since he was seated near the door and his side of the car faced the mansion. He refused, of course. Nothing out of the ordinary was observed, if you’re wondering.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the house with some side commentary.

If you want to learn and see more here are some interesting links:

  • Interestingly, there’s a photo of a mass that was held at the entrance to the house.

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November 1, 2008
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