Welcome to Vista Pinas, a weblog dedicated to showing Filipino sights from the Google Local website. Savvy readers may recognize this blog to be similar to the Google Sightseeing site, and Vista Pinas is indeed inspired by that blog. Localized “Google Sightseeing” blogs are not new and a notable example is Google Sightseeing UK.

Some really savvy readers will wonder why is there a “Google Sightseeing” blog just for the Philippines seeing as there are only three locations in the country where there are hi-resolution images: Northern Pampanga, Southern Bulacan, and Northern Cavite (Metro Manila isn’t even covered). Well, we’ll make sure you’ll see plenty of fascinating Pinoy locations (and of course we’re hoping Google-Keyhole will provide even more hi-res images in the near future).

In the meantime, explore Google Local and feel free to suggest Pinoy sites!

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February 24, 2006
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