Marcos’ Bust

Satellite image of the destroyed Marcos bust in La Union

Photo of the Marcos bust before it was blasted Photo by angust. (CC)

Before it was blasted in 2002 (an act claimed by the Communist rebels), the Marcos bust was an imposing sight, standing up in the mountains overlooking Marcos Highway in La Union. Travelers going to Baguio City along this highway were greeted by the sight of the dictator’s white head. Now, only the ruins can be seen, but it is no less a spectacle than when it was pristine.

I’ve seen this Mount Rushmore-esque sculpture before its ruined state once on the way home from Baguio. I was surprised to discover that it was smaller than what I thought it was. I guess the idea that is was similar to Mount Rushmore made me think that it was really, really big. The head was actually only about three stories high.

Some people (like a congressman) have suggested reconstructing the bust (ostensibly for tourism purposes) but the idea has been shot down quickly. Anyway, I think the ruined state is still a tourist drawer on its own, right?

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July 19, 2009
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