Mount Arayat

Satellite image of Mount Arayat in Pampanga.

Rising like a lone wolf from the flat plains of Central Luzon is Mount Arayat, located in the Pampangan municipality of the same name. This kilometer-high extinct volcano silently greets vacationers from Manila going to the northern parts of Luzon.

In Google Local, Mount Arayat was easy to spot even without the aid of coordinates. You can clearly see the bright green circular patch of land devoid of signs of agriculture. The mountain managed to escape development because the 3,700 hectares of land around it was incorporated into the Mount Arayat National Park.

The mountain is a popular and easy mountain-climbing location. Those less adventurous can opt to visit one of the many spring resorts dotting the foot of the mountain. And like many other mountains in the country, Arayat is considered a mystical mountain, home of the fairy Maria Sinukuan. As always, there is a bit more information over at Wikipedia.

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March 16, 2006
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