Philippine Center in San Francisco

Satellite image of the Philippine Center buildings in San Francisco, California.

The San Francisco Bay Area in California is definitely one of the places where many Filipino Americans and Filipino expatriates work and live. Well, located in downtown San Francisco, just one block away from the famous Union Square, is the Philippine Center (official website). The Philippine Center is composed of two buildings at addresses 445 and 447 along Sutter Street. Both buildings were constructed in the 1910s and were later purchased by the Philippine government in 1974.

The Philippine Center is primarily a cultural institution promoting Filipino culture in the Bay Area. The center is also where the Philippine Consulate for the northwestern United States (including Alaska) holds office. Moreover, the City of San Francisco has declared the Philippine Center buildings as historical landmarks due to their history.

Anyway, follow the thumbnail link (you do know that the thumbnails accompanying the Vista Pinas articles link to the Google Maps showing the location, right?) to see the Philippine Center via Google Maps Street View. You’ll notice that I zoomed in on the sign that says “Philippine Center” on the entrance to 447 Sutter St. Here’s another view from upstreet showing the Philippine flag. Cool, no? (I’ve also added a street view link to the Jollibee, Daly City Branch article as well.)

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August 24, 2007
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