Ponderosa Golf Club

Satellite image of the Ponderosa Golf Course in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

I haven’t been to Ponderosa Golf Club but I wish I did during one of the few times I’ve been to Puerto Galera. No, I don’t want to go here to play golf but rather to see the majestic view. You see, Ponderosa is located about 600 meters above sea level up the sides of the mountains of Puerto Galera and the golf course boasts of spectacular views of the bays, inlets, and peninsulas of Puerto Galera, as well as the Verde Islands and Batangas Bay beyond. See this nice picture at Flickr to see for yourself.

In terms of being a golf course, Ponderosa’s location on the side of a mountain is why it’s just a 27-par 9-hole golf course, hardly enough space if you really like long drives, but it would definitely helpful for practicing your short games. The interesting challenge is that an out-of-bounds golf ball would be out-of-sight. Hehehe.

I’ve read that most resorts in Galera can arrange for transportation for you to go up the winding 5-kilometer road to Ponderosa Golf Club from Minolo Bay. You can also find more information about the club from this web page written by a traveler.

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August 3, 2008
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