Western Mindanao State University

Satellite image of the Western Mindanao State University Campus in Zamboanga City.

The Western Mindanao State University is the only public institution of higher learning in Zamboanga City and one of the city’s only three universities together with the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Zamboanga and the newly-promoted (2005) Universidad de Zamboanga. The University was founded as the Zamboanga Normal School in 1918, renamed as the Zamboanga Normal College in 1961 (via Republic Act No. 3272), became autonomous of the Philippine Government in 1963 (meaning, it’s free to manage its own curriculum), upgraded to the Zamboanga State College in 1969 (via Republic Act No. 5492), and finally converted into a full fledged university with Marcos’ Presidential Decree No. 1427 in 1978. Whew!

The university has 12 colleges, 3 institutions, and 2 autonomous colleges serving about 19,000 students through the help of around a thousand faculty members. If you want to learn more, the Wikipedia article and the official website are good places to go to.

Anyway, take a look at the satellite image of the campus. You’ll find it sandwiched between two track and fields: the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex to the southeast and an unknown dirt track to the west. The Enriquez Sports Complex is the usual location of the university’s intramurals.

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November 20, 2007
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