White Rock Beach Hotel

Satellite image of the White Rock Beach Hotel in Subic, Zambales

Well, here’s a resort in Subic Bay that seems to be trying to be everything: White Rock Beach Hotel. It’s basically a beach resort with all the usual amenities for leisure and team-building (like an open field and a wellness center) and facilities/equipment for water sports (like for jet skiing and water skiing). Aside from those usual stuff, the resort also has some sporting facilities like a bowling alley, billiards tables, and a gym, but what I find slightly weird is that the resort is also a waterpark with not just one, but two, wave pools! I guess Subic Bay itself isn’t wavy enough? Hehehe. They should add giant waterslides to complete the site!

Photo of the beach at White Rock Beach Hotel. © White Rock Beach Hotel

Maybe it’s just me but if you heard the name “White Rock Beach”, you can’t help but think of a white-sand beach, right? Well, it’s quite obvious from the satellite image that the beach is far from white. But if I’m not mistaken, there is indeed a white rock on the resort’s northern beach: there’s a white thing that’s quite visible in the satellite image. I wonder if that is naturally white or if it was just painted?

Anyway, if you want to learn more about White Rock, then check out their website, which like their wave pools, they apparently have two of: whiterock-beach-resort.com and whiterock.com.ph.

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October 20, 2010
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