World Light Expo

Satellite image of the World Light Expo in Paranaque

In a first for Vista Pinas, I will be featuring something that can only be seen right now in Google Earth (the 3-D desktop application) and not in Google Maps (the Web application). This is the World Light Expo that ran during the early part of 2007 in Parañaque City. This Expo featured thousands upon thousands of light bulbs in artistic displays (as well as other light-inspired shows). Why only in Google Earth? Well, that’s because the World Light Expo is visible only through the historical satellite imagery feature in Google Earth 5.

By default, Google only shows the latest available satellite photos (or slightly older if the quality is better) for both Google Earth and Google Maps. When Google Earth 5 was released last February 2009, Google added the feature to view old satellite imagery. Now instead of just plain “roof-surfing” in Google Earth, you can now also “time-travel” and see how things looked like in previous years. The wealth of imagery is pretty amazing and it now makes before-and-after comparisons much, much easier, unlike the crazy comparison I did for the San Roque Dam here in Vista Pinas three years ago.

Archway shot inside the World Light Expo Photo by Dennis Rito. (CC)

Going back to the World Light Expo, you can view this sight by opening the KML file (linked at the end of this post) in Google Earth 5, then turning on the historical satellite imagery feature (it’s the clock button on the toolbar), then going to the March 26, 2007 date. Having a satellite imagery for this ephemeral event is a pretty nice catch.

Despite the Expo being on my way to and from work, I’ve actually never been inside and it was simply because I was too lazy and didn’t think it was very exciting. I thought that it was just an ostentatious display of electrical power-guzzling madness. (I guess I lost that kid appeal a long time ago.) Well, this Expo was apparently just a one-time event and who knows whether there will be another like it? I guess I’m pretty contented looking at the tons of pretty pictures of the Expo on the Web.

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July 7, 2009
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  1. philippine girl wrote on July 10, 2009 @ 05:19PM

    This is very amazing. Very informative. I really love Philippines and it even made me decide to live here forever. I grew up in US but my mother is a Filipino. The Filipinos are really different in terms of hospitably and culture.

  2. Marie wrote on April 16, 2010 @ 09:42PM

    Great photos

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