Zapote Bridge

Satellite view image of Zapote Bridge between Bacoor and Las Piñas City.

Spanning the Zapote River between Las Piñas and Bacoor, Cavite is the historic Zapote Bridge. While it is a traffic hellhole nowadays, this bridge is significant because this is where the Battle of Zapote Bridge took place.

The Battle of Zapote Bridge was the largest battle of the Philippine-American War. 3,000 soldiers under the command of Gen. Henry Lawton routed 5,000 Filipinos on the fields by the bridge. The Filipinos, realizing that they cannot hope to win against the Americans in open warfare, started relying on guerilla tactics throughout the rest of the war.

A memorial to the battle now stands on the northern end on the bridge and marks one terminus of the Las Piñas Historical Corridor whose other end is the famous Bamboo Organ.

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April 27, 2006
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