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Cape Engaño Lighthouse

September 7, 2014

If Cape Bojeador Lighthouse guides ships on the northwestern corner of Luzon, then Cape Engaño Lighthouse (Wikipedia) is its metaphorical sibling, guiding ships on Luzon’s northeastern frontier. This Spanish-era lighthouse, built in 1888 and first used in 1892, sits atop a hill on the northernmost point of Palaui Island in... (read more)


January 12, 2014

There are two stories of how the islet of Capitancillo got its name. The first story, a legend set during the Spanish Colonial Period, tells the tale of Capitan Basillo, a skipper of a trading vessel, who angered Rajah Bugtopasan, a contemporary of Lapu-Lapu. Capitan Basillo tried to escape Bugtopasan,... (read more)

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

August 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I last featured a lighthouse, and it has also been a while since there’s been a sight that was a superlative in some respect. So let’s now fix that by visiting the highest lighthouse in the Philippines, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as the... (read more)

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

September 19, 2009

I mentioned last year that I once went to Treasures of Bolinao resort in western Pangasinan and that I would’ve visited the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse had I known that it was nearby. Well, Google Maps shows that this landmark is actually quite near, much less than a kilometer east of... (read more)

Capones Island

September 25, 2007

There’s something weirdly romantic about a rocky cliff-strewn island off a mainland coast (think Ko Phi Phi Ley from The Beach). But there’s nothing romantic about Capones Island. It’s not a tropical paradise. It’s rocky. And it’s mostly barren. But it invokes instead a sense of adventure that would appeal... (read more)

Liloan Lighthouse

July 21, 2007

The Liloan Lighthouse, officially named the Bagacay Point Light, is one of the famous lighthouses in the Visayas and is located in Barangay Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, about 18 kilometers northeast of Cebu City. The lighthouse is maintained by the Philippine Coast Guard and serves as a critical navigational aid for... (read more)