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Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

June 9, 2018

Arguably the most popular attraction in the town of Nagcarlan, Laguna is the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (Wikipedia). Touted as the country’s only underground cemetery, this octagonal-shaped tourist attraction was constructed by the Fransciscans in 1845 to serve as the town’s cemetery. Due to its cultural importance, it was declared as... (read more)

Sunken Cemetery

October 5, 2010

Just like White Island, which I blogged last year, Camiguin’s Sunken Cemetery is one of most popular tourist attractions in this island province. The sight of a concrete cross rising from the sea is one to behold and this view has provided plenty of photographers with amazing shots. And because... (read more)

Manila Memorial Park, Sucat

August 6, 2009

Following the article on the Aquino Center, let’s continue the tribute to President Corazon Aquino by featuring the Manila Memorial Park, Sucat, where Cory is to be buried today. She will be entombed at the Aquino Mausoleum right next to her husband Sen. Ninoy Aquino. Earlier in the morning, a... (read more)

Familia Luzuriaga Cemetery

September 11, 2008

Now here’s something interesting. Did you know that the Familia Luzuriaga Cemetery in Bacolod is “the only cemetery in the world at the intersection of two highways” according to the Guinness World Records? Well, that’s what many websites say but I could not verify that since the Guinness World Records... (read more)

Manila South Cemetery

November 2, 2007

Today is All Saints’ Day and Filipino Catholics, like many other Catholics around the world, spend this holiday and the next, which is All Souls’ Day, by visiting the graves of their departed loved ones. The Manila South Cemetery within Makati City is one of the several large cemeteries Filipinos... (read more)

Libingan ng mga Bayani

October 13, 2007

From an airplane or a satellite, the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of the Heroes) is an intriguing site with its concentric tree-lined arcs. This cemetery is the Philippine equivalent of America’s Arlington National Cemetery and is where the soldiers who have fought for the country are buried, among others. The... (read more)