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Kapuntukan (Sleeping Lion) Hill

August 30, 2009

Located on the southern portion of Legazpi City and protruding out to sea is the imposing Kapuntukan Hill, which is fondly called by residents as the Sleeping Lion Hill because its shape looks like a sleeping lion (well a bit of imagination helps). If you want to take a picture... (read more)

Mount Pinatubo’s Crater

October 6, 2007

I was only ten years old when Mount Pinatubo erupted in a cataclysmic way on June 15, 1991. I don’t remember much about it except waking up one morning a few days later to see everything blanketed in snowy white ash. This eruption occurred barely a year after the 1990... (read more)

P.C. Hill

May 11, 2006

At the center of Cotabato City stands the towering P.C. Hill. The city is actually built around this 90-feet-high stone fort, i.e., kuta wato, from which the city and nearby provinces get their name. This hill, also known as Tantawan (Maguindanaoan for “lookout”) stands beside the Rio Grande de Mindanao, which... (read more)

Mount Arayat

March 16, 2006

Rising like a lone wolf from the flat plains of Central Luzon is Mount Arayat, located in the Pampangan municipality of the same name. This kilometer-high extinct volcano silently greets vacationers from Manila going to the northern parts of Luzon. In Google Local, Mount Arayat was easy to spot even without... (read more)