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Dalahican Fish Port

June 6, 2010

Located in Barangay Dalahican in Lucena City is what is probably Quezon province’s largest fish port built on reclaimed land from Tayabas Bay. This is the primary port where the fresh seafood catch from the Sibuyan Sea is delivered and from thereon distributed to many parts of Luzon. Photo by... (read more)

Batangas International Port

July 30, 2007

The Batangas International Port, locally known as the Batangas Pier, is the premier seaport of the CALABARZON region and is located in Batangas City along the shores of Batangas Bay in Batangas. (Whew! Lots of “Batangases” there.) Unfortunately, despite the “International” in its name, Batangas International Port is still primarily a... (read more)

Sangley Point Naval Base

March 20, 2006

The location of Sangley Point Naval Base is the most probable reason why northern Cavite has hi-res imagery in Google Local. The same can be said for the former U.S. Clark Air Base. But it’s intriguing to note that Subic Bay isn’t in hi-res, and we don’t know why... (read more)